Sridhar Reddy Directing Reel

Director's reel for Sridhar Reddy, featuring narrative and documentary work.



Director: Sridhar Reddy
Cinematographers: Ajayan Vincent, Faroukh Mistry, Jesse Green, Sridhar Reddy
Editors: Sreekar Prasad, Stephane Dumonceau, Andrew Ford, Sridhar Reddy


19 Revolutions (Producer, Writer, Director) (35mm)
Lilith (Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, VFX) (RED)
7x6x2 (Writer, Co-Director) (Sony F55, F65)
The Real Kitchen (Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer) (Canon 7D)
A Brief History of Love (Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer) (Canon 5D, 7D)

Music: 'Kurofune' by Black Ships

Not for commercial use.

2013 Lilithfilm/ Sridhar Reddy